About Us

United Ramp Incorporated is an aviation ground service provider operating at airports throughout Western Canada.


Supported by over 45 years experience in the airline industry, we offer our customers a full range of above and below wing services guaranteed to exceed expectations.  


Safety, professionalism and on-time performance rank as our highest priority in every aspect of our service. We are recognized by our airline customers as industry leaders in providing safe, reliable and affordable service. We value and continue to build strong relationships with our customers and the communities we serve.


United Ramp Incorporated strives to lead in Western Canada for safe and reliable ground service.


Our Mission

To provide our customers with safe, economical ground service solutions focused on customer satisfaction


Our Vision

To be recognized as Western Canada’s leading Ground Service provider.


Our Values

  • Committed to uncompromised safety

  • Dedicated to customer satisfaction

  • To provide affordable solutions

  • Commitment to our employees for exceptional training, development opportunities and to provide them with rewarding careers

  • Focused on the environment and our communities


We work to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations for safe operations, on-time performance, cost effective solutions and to gain their trust through exceptional performance by every member of our team.


We will achieve this through uncompromised safety, exceptional training and  dedicated focus on our customers, our community and the Environment.