United Ramp Incorporated is committed to protecting our environment by implementing programs to reduce our environmental impact. We are committed to working with our employees to develop environmentally-responsible programs and practices. We do this through the following initiatives.


  • Awareness - All employees are encouraged to be aware of practices or procedures that may be harmful to the environment

  • Vehicle Maintenance - Programs are in place throughout to keep all equipment working to peak performance

  • Cleanlines - Areas are checked and maintained to ensure safe, clean and tidy work areas

  • Recycling programs - Recyclable products and waste are recycled to reduce our environmental footprint

  • Audits and Review - Managers, team leads and employees are tasked with being accountable to these programs and consistent compliance through our audits and meeting reviews

  • Future planning - Our group of companies have begun purchasing replacement electric ground equipment where possible. These vehicles have reduced our emissions and fuel consumption.